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Eugene Wood

In 2012, I learned how to buy and sell domains online from a man in Australia. He taught me how to select a domain, how to evaluate it, how to purchase it, and then how to market it. When I sold that domain, I made 28,000% profit! I was so surprised that I thought I must have done something illegal! That moment was very memorable for me. I found this opportunity while I was still developing other opportunities to buy and sell domains, also known as “flipping domains.”

I have worked for over 15 years helping people with their financial plans. I sold stocks, mutual funds, and life insurance. When I started learning about buying and selling domains, it seemed very different from what I was used to. I knew that I needed to learn more about it. As I continued working in this industry, I got the chance to go to a domain conference.When I walked into the room, it wasn’t what I had expected. There weren’t very many people there, only about 200 from all around the world. They were dressed in their casual clothes, carrying a lot of money. These people controlled a very successful industry that blew my mind!

I was different from everyone else, but I knew I belonged there. They accepted me and taught me what they knew. I showed them that I was serious, and they trusted me with this education.

I watched the industry grow from a small .com industry to a booming business with lots of different areas, like NFTs, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

So now I’m able to show people about websites, show them how they can take this to the next level and creating a great brand. How to create great blogs with the right keywords and understand SEO. The opportunities are endless and yes there’s money to be made!

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